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We are proud to announce the GGALL Board of Directors has reorganized and now have open positions for those you are interested in getting involved.  This reorganization was done to better serve the players, parents and our coaches.  We wanted to align the strengths of each board member to best serve our league.  As you may know when the current board took office each board member had to do multiple jobs to get the Spring League up and running.  With more people volunteering we can now begin to fill these spots and this will make our league stronger.   These changes will take effect immediately.  The new board and positions are outlined below.

President – no changes

Bryan Stanley

Vice President – no changes

Jason Hickey

Treasurer – changed


Secretary - changed

Kelly Bradley

Safety Officer - changed

Dale Hall

Player Agent – changed new Board Member

Gary Howell

Coaches Coordinator – changed


Master Scheduler/IT


Please welcome Gary Howell as a new member of the GGALL Board of Directors.  As you can see we have 2 vacant positions that we can fill at any time.  If you are interested in these positions or finding more information about them please contact a board member or email us at goldengatelittleleague@gmail.com.



Bryan Stanley

GGALL President